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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Departure Date & Family Updates

We have almost been in Ellisville one year. We had hoped to depart for Peru by June, but providence has pushed our departure date back to November.

Spring has been a busy with mission conferences. We have spoken at eleven churches in three months. Our prayer was for God to raise our needed monthly pledges above 50%. And He has! We are now up to 51%! If your are interested, click here to go to our homepage to download our May Prayer Newsletter.

Spring also brought two birthdays. Adeline turned one and Allen turned 29 - not yet over-the-hill! We celebrated their birthdays together. Here are some pics:

Adeline is 1!Abigail is Happy

Adeline is also about to take her first steps. Abigail is beginning to form her first sentences. Sandi has just started talking Spanish lessons. And Allen has begun taking classical guitar from Mike Boyd. Walking, talking, and playing the guitar are all important skills for Peru!

Here is our general fund raising schedule:

April 29-30 - Gulfport, MS
May 1 - Heidelberg, MS
May 22 - Oxford, MS & Germantown TN
June 12 - Camden, AL
July 7-11 - Fresno, CA
Sept. 8-10 - Baton Rouge, LA

Please pray that the Lord would bless our time at these various places. And please ask Him to open up more opportunities to share what He is doing in Peru.


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