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Blog Updates as the Smiths minister the Gospel in Peru

Monday, September 26, 2005

Our Lastest Prayer Newsletter

perumission logo smallClick here to download our lastest Great Co-Mission prayer newsletter.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Near Extinct Species


I am so happy that I caught a rare picture of plecia nearctica (i.e. love bugs), a near extinct species around South Mississippi.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Adeline's Recovery


As you can see, Adeline's surgery went great. Drs. Angel and Smith removed a dermoid cyst from her head. No more Miss Knot Head!

Before Surgery After Surgery

In the picture above, Adeline is exciting about the jungle juice the anesthetist gave her. And on the one below, she is recuperating from the surgery. Thank you all SO MUCH who prayed for her surgery.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back from Katrina

landscape by katrina

We just came back from two weeks as evacuees. Here are some pictures of the church building...

Tree at Church Our area looks like some kid spilt a huge can of pick-up sticks. Almost every tree in Ellisville has split, cracked, or been uprooted altogether. A huge oak tree fell towards the sanctuary. It did put a hole in the roof, but it escaped any major damage. God was merciful!


The steeple has been standing since 1892. God enabled it to withstand sustained winds up to 120 mph! He is our rock and shield, our very present help in trouble.

Since Katrina made landfall, we've been on the road. We've been to Birmingham, Atlanta, Jacksonville Florida, Mobile Alabama, Natchez Mississippi, Ferriday Louisiana, and El Dorado Arkanasas. God had providentially guided our plans to fund raise in Georgia and Florida when Katrina hit. So the first part of our trip was fund raising related while last part we stayed with our family. Here are some more pictures during our evacuation.

Abbie's B-Day Party
Fish Adeline & JAbbie at the Fair

The top pic is Abbie 3 year old birthday party. She had her party the day before Katrina. On the second row, the pic on the left is Abbie fishing at Poppa and Grammy's in Ferriday, LA. The pic on the right is Adeline with Grandma J just before we went to the El Dorado County Fair in South AR. The bottom pic is Abbie having fun on the elephant ride at the fair.

We'll give an update after Adeline's surgery this coming Monday (9-12-05).

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Refugee Report

I am writing this blog entry from my mother's house in El Dorado, AR. Ever since Katrina pounded our area, we've been on the road for nearly two weeks. God spared our home, though trees have fallen all around. The electricity has not yet been restored. We'll post some pictures soon. If you want to read more, click here and scroll down to see my comments about Ellisville.

Adeline's surgery is scheduled for next Monday, Sept. 12th in Jackson, MS. She'll stay over night and we expect no complications. The two biggest risks are trouble stopping the bledding and infection. Please continue to pray that her surgery will go smoothly.

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